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FAQs for Today’s Plan, Tomorrow’s Security: Finding Financial Freedom

If I file for Social Security before full retirement age, while I'm still working, what happens?
If you file for Social Security benefits before your full retirement age, while working, there is a maximum income limit you can make, after which Social Security penalizes your benefits, resulting in a reduction of your social security payments. This question is answered in greater detail in the module titled, “The two most common questions”.
Who is this course for?

Anyone looking for guidance and techniques to help plan for retirement. The first module is more specifically geared toward women, since they live longer. Women over age 85 are the largest and fastest growing segment of those living in poverty.

Can I count on my Social Security benefits in the future? I've heard various claims that Social Security is running out of money.
Many people are concerned about their future Social Security benefits, because of the lack of resources in the Social Security Trust Fund, which currently runs out in 2033. Some people use this concern as a reason for taking their social security benefits early, which I don’t advise. I answer this issue in detail in the module titled, “The two most common questions.”
How long is the course?

Each lesson is approximately three to five minutes. The number of lessons depends on your particular situation. Module One is geared specifically to women; Module Two provides valuable information for everyone.

Why is this program free?

In his career as a financial advisor, Philip has seen people make the same mistakes over and over. He wants to help people avoid these mistakes and plan for a secure retirement.

Who is Philip Wilson?

Philip Wilson has been a Financial Advisor for more than 30 years. He has seen all the mistakes that people often make. His goal is for everyone to maximize their benefits so that they can enjoy a secure retirement.

Why are the course materials divided into modules and lessons that are an average of three to five minutes?

We divided the course into lessons that are an average of three to five minutes to help the learner. The material is easily accessible and quickly connect to what the learners need to know. From our research, we have found this is how adults learn most effectively.

When should people file for Social Security benefits?

Philip strongly recommends that people should wait until age 70 to file for benefits in order to maximize their income stream.